AI meets Adobe Photoshop


I'm kind of tired of talking about AI (not really), but I can't help myself. Although I know the possibilities with AI truly are endless, nonetheless, I still get amazed when new ways of working with AI arises, or new implementations of it appears in the form of "Generative fill" in Photoshop (Beta), which has opened up exciting possibilities for designers and users alike.

This is my first time trying this out, and the feature is still in beta-mode, so the results may not be flawless, but just imagine how it will operate tomorrow. And the day after that...

In my experiment, I started by importing a photo of the exterior of our office into Photoshop Beta. With a few clicks, I expanded the canvas and let the AI work its magic.

The outcome evoked a dystopian sensation within me, prompting me to further explore that grim atmosphere. I began by introducing a pile of trash into the scene.

And naturally, I couldn't resist the urge to add surveillance cameras, for in this age, Big Brother is always watching.

Oh, and let's not forget the robots...

I realized that the AI struggled with handling text, possibly because it perceives everything primarily as visual elements.

I'm truly impressed all in all, and can only imagine what tomorrow brings.

Bora Öztürk
Designer & Creative Director
Till flödet