Dave Chappelle x Black Mirror


Imagine if Dave Chappelle and Black Mirror teamed up for a TV collaboration! It could be the coolest thing in recent times. Dave is the greatest comedians of all time (in my opinion), with a sharp wit and a unique ability to tackle sensitive topics with humor and insight. On the other hand, Black Mirror is a critically acclaimed sci-fi anthology series (one of my favorite shows of all time) that explores the darker side of technology and its impact on society. If these two powerhouses ever teamed up, it would undoubtedly be a match made in heaven.

It's a shame TV collaborations don't happen more often, like they do in music. TV has so much potential to be more interesting if different creators collaborated together.

Can we make this happen? Anyone who has connections with Netflix? Let us know!

Bora Öztürk
Designer & Creative Director
Till flödet